An assembly aims to create, nurture and sustain a sense of community. It serves to develop a positive culture that affirms the school's identity and aspirations. As a result, the school lives in cohesive harmony and sustains the pursuit of excellence in all its forms. Apart from the daily prayer, the assembly is a platform where general announcements are made, birthday and anniversaries of great personalities are highlighted, festivals and their importance in our cultural life are acknowledged through songs and plays. Students and teachers celebrating their birthday on that particular day are also greeted warmly. Meditation is also a key element in the assembly as it has several crucial elements, like: • Creating an atmosphere that is conducive to leading the students in a reflective exercise; • Encouraging the students to sit in a relaxed, comfortable and still manner; • Developing their ability to use the inner eye of imagination; • Observing their thoughts in order to nurture positive images that support positive behaviour.


Good sportsmanship pro¬vides guidelines and inspiration to function in a competitive society. The world of sports mirrors how one can play the game of school and life. Good athletes learn values like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice, and accountability and stay in the game to play their best even when they are losing. They practice the necessary skills for their sport with gruelling regularity, as they understand that any accomplishment in life involves similar perseverance and self-discipline.

The school has trained physical instructors to provide training in various sports activities for the children. The students at school are placed into 4 different houses: Shakti, Pragathi, Shanti and Sahiti. Inter house competitions are held regularly and a championship trophy is awarded every year. On identification of an innate talent, students are given special training in that particular game or activity, to participate in the Intra- city CBSE School Meet, the South Zone CBSE Cluster Meet and the All India CBSE Sports Meet. Many a student has won at the National level bringing laurels to the school.


A festival is a time that brings life to a state of exuberance and enthusiasm. Festivals are a part of our cultural life. They are celebrated to highlight an issue, an event, a season. They also convey an underlying moral message about our country, which, in spite of being diverse, stands as one; and the many festivals reflect its rich cultural past. To enable a sense of national integration, the school celebrates all the festivals with the children participating in them actively. Though the festivals occur every year, the celebrations bring new colour and congeniality to the fore. These celebrations are not mere fun as the importance of a festival in one’s social life either presented in the form of a speech, or in the form of a play, instills pride in the students – the pride of being an Indian.



Prakruthi has been started to make children aware of the environmental issues and the inter-dependence of man and nature. Prakruthi encourages children to learn through discussion and debate. Ideas generated such are propagated in the neighbourhood and at their respective houses. The school is a National Green Corps (NGC) member. It has set up two water harvesters in the school premises. Planting of trees, use of cotton and jute bags distribution of clay Ganeshas during Vinayaka Chaturthi and usage of recycled products are part of Prakruthi activities.


The kids in today’s society are barely aware of the less privileged around them. Everything appears to be easily accessible. In order to bring the awareness about the underprivileged who are not endowed with the same resources and abilities as themselves, the school exposes the children to the present insular society and sensitises them about the ground realities. Money raised through the sale of candles made by NGC members of the school and from the personal contributions of staff members and management is donated to the organisations. Notable donations were made to the victims of LATUR EARTHQUAKE, TSUNAMI and the KARGIL WAR SOLDIERS.


The best thing about being a Teacher is the opportunity one gets to learn on a daily basis. The workshops conducted at school and those organised in other schools help the teachers live the life of a student again, a chance which no other profession provides. The ever-changing environment is a challenge, which, a teacher crosses keeping her mind open to new ideas. The management organizes workshops; seminars; guest lectures and allows the teachers to visit different schools to imbibe new ideas.

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