Sanghamitra School owes its origin to the Sanghamitra Foundation, an educational society registered with the Registrar of Societies, Hyderabad. The school, with its exemplary, holistic approach, facilitates education in a supportive and compassionate environment where diversity, discipline and ethics are both valued and celebrated.


Established in the year 1990, with a staff of 8 teachers and just 135 students, Sanghamitra School has grown to a strength of 1800 students and 96 teachers, over the last 30 years. The school is home to excellent facilities and a second home to specialist teaching staff in all subjects and various games and sports. Affiliated to Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE, Aff. No. 3630038), New Delhi, the school offers education from classes L.K.G. to Xth.


Located on a 2.25 acre site on the Nizampet Road (Hyder Nagar) that connects Kukatpally main road to the Bachupally cross roads, the school, firmly rooted in the local community and warmly welcomes the students hailing from a wide range of backgrounds and fosters a rich socio-and cultural mix.


The school, a symbiosis of modern and traditional systems of learning, deals in education that is contemporary and relevant to our times. It absorbs what is pertinent from the ever changing world while inculcating the understanding that knowledge acquired without a value system, may not be put to a proper use. It features a responsive pedagogy that instills discipline along with an appreciation of the value of freedom among the students. With the right synthesis of ethics and new age demands shaping the future of each child, every year of progression becomes a landmark; and this approach, the hallmark of this institution.


We aim to develop the intellectual, Aesthetic, Emotional, Moral and Spiritual dimensions of students to shape them into holistic individuals with right temperament and capabilities.


We put into practice UNESCO’s suggestion of education for the 21st century by using the four pillars of
  • Learning to know
  • Learning to do
  • Learning to live together
  • Learning to be




In order to make learning an enjoyable occupation, the school employs a traditional and play-way method of teaching as far as possible. Experimentation and Observation come foremost in the list of priority. To awaken the spirit of inquiry in a child, project works, field trips are included as a part of the curriculum. The school endeavours to maintain a desirable 1:25 teacher pupil ratio. Punctiliousness is exercised in the appointment of teachers. The school invites the involvement and cooperation of the parents in the learning process, with the management, through regular Parent Teacher meetings, where both parents are expected to connect with the management in the presence of the child/ward.


Secretary - Correspondent

Mrs. G. Arundathi
B.S.W., B.Ed., M.Ed., M. Phil.

In the field of education since 1983, the Correspondent takes an active part in all the functions of the school. A passionate academician, she is often observed working closely with the Principal, Headmistress and the In-charges, to design and oversee the academic and extracurricular activities of the school hands-on, on an hour to hour, day to day basis.


Mr. Nageswara Rao - B.Sc., M.Ed., has been with the school since 1991. He is an excellent Math teacher, a diligent worker and an overseer. He maintains a very cordial relationship with the parents and an exceptional rapport with almost all the former students.


E. Vijaya Sree, the Headmistress is considered by all to be a very warm, amiable and caring person. She has been with the school since its inception. She shares the responsibility of administrating the school with the Principal and performs her duties with aplomb. She is the epitome of dignified presence and is loved by one and all.

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