Reading is important, because if you can read, you can learn anything about everything and everything about anything —Tomie de Paola

Books are the companions who accompany us through the journey of life. They carry us to magical worlds; familiarize us about the two sides of it – the good and the bad. They help us analyze the past, apprehend the present, and anticipate the future. Keeping the above in mind, the school library has a vast collection of books for reading and for reference. A good number of new books are bought; apart from the subscriptions for the many periodicals meant for both, the students and the teachers, every year. The huge library can accommodate a minimum of 100 students at a time. With its well-lit and spacious ambience, and books displayed in shelves along all the walls, the library leaves an image of voluminous serenity instilling an eagerness and inspiring interest to read.


First-hand experience in the observation and manipulation of the materials of Science is superior to the other methods of developing an understanding and appreciation of the subject. A fully equipped Science laboratory and focused classroom teaching help children observe the various processes and understand the relationship between an action and its reaction.
The Science lab equipment allows the students to interact directly with the data gathered. Several scientific theories and concepts are difficult to explain straight from the books. Anatomic models, Physics kits, and Chemistry kits make it easy to understand the intricacies of Science. In simple words, Science engages the students’ curiosity, provides practical tools for understanding everyday life and advances critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

The best way to learn Process in Mathematics is to practice it. The basic tenets of Mathematics taught at the school level help students to consolidate the mathematical knowledge and skills to solve the real-life problems by initiating abilities to analyze, to articulate logically, to see, to think, to reason, and to develop a sense of enjoyment rather than fear. The students see Mathematics as something to talk about, to communicate, to discuss amongst themselves, and to work together on projects. To help the students in their path of progress, a Math lab with various measuring devices, games and other aids has been set up as per CBSE guidelines.


With technology being used in every place of work and home constantly, the students are provided an access to advanced computers as they learn about the significant role they play in today’s world. Computers help in reconsidering how students learn, what inspires them, and also what useful information actually is. A classroom with computers has become an important part of the curriculum; and for this same reason three computer labs with 34 computers in each, are made available for the students’ use. To get hands-on experience each student is given a system to learn and operate. Project work, a part of the curriculum, also enables the students to become computer savvy.


People learn in different ways. Learning from the book is not the only mode by which a child learns or acquires knowledge. Some people are good at retaining information when presented orally, while some are extraordinarily good at retaining information that is read or imbibed through pictures. In today’s world, flooded with print and visual data, it becomes imperative to scour relevant audio-visual material to arouse the learners’ interest. Generally, findings and statistics have shown that the best means of facilitating or enhancing good teaching and learning is through the use of institutional materials which include audio-visual material like videos, presentations, radio, charts and projects of various kinds. Students get anxious and develop a learning habit when the teaching method or medium appears real to them without being abstract. When the lessons are presented clearly and effectively, they catch the attention of the students. The Audio Visual room has on display all the necessary teaching aids for the teachers’ reference and use.


Butterfly Fields - an IIT, IIM Alumni venture has been engaged by the school to conduct activities in the Science Activity Centre. The basic aim is to help the student understand the concepts of Science and their applications. A Class is divided into groups, and these groups are made to create science models, which are based on the concepts covered in the school curriculum. This helps the students understand the practicality of science. Model making fosters team-work and team-spirit, drives them to think as a team, and present as a team. It sharpens their cognitive abilities. The finer nuances of the laws of Science are better understood, as opposed to being learnt by rote. Tests are conducted after every session to analyze the extent of comprehension and to work on the shortcomings effectively. The Butterfly Fields team works in tandem with the school faculty, assisting and guiding them to reach out the students in their scientific endeavours.


Music learning supports all learning. Not that Mozart makes you smarter, but it is a very integrating, stimulating pastime or activity. – Guilmartin

Music is a part of everyday life. It enlivens, invigorates, soothes and stimulates our minds. Performing with others helps the students build critical thinking, coordination and problem-solving skills. Playing an instrument in a band needs certain social and emotional skills, necessary to be a contributing member, including discipline, practice, collaboration, patience, persistence and motivation. In addition, performing in front of others helps boost the children’s self-esteem, gives them the opportunity to overcome fears and see themselves succeeding. The school with its music department headed by a music teacher and vocal and instrumental instructors help students gain their confidence to reach out to a group and express themselves fluently.


The school, with its excellent academic program and a diverse set of sports activities, has a 9000 sq. ft. auditorium, with good acoustics and a wooden stage that many occasions grace.
The auditorium is a venue for the students who participate in dance, drama, debate, elocution and quiz programmes conducted with the purpose of both entertaining and stimulating the audience artistically and intellectually. Apart from the inter-house competitions, the auditorium is used to screen educational and entertaining movies. The sports enthusiasts also make the best use of the T.T tables and the wooden floor for shuttle badminton games here.

Fun Room

The room is named after the activities like pounding, pouring, grinding, grating and many more which are thoroughly enjoyed by the students. The tiny tots look forward to go to the FUN ROOM as they are free to do the activity of their choice like building the blocks, rolling the dough, sorting the grains or threading the beads. The teachers guide and assist the students develop their motor and cognitive skills while gauging their kinesthetic skills.


It is normal to fall sick at certain times, seasonal or otherwise. The two beds in the lobby in front of the Principal’s office, serve the purpose of providing rest and relaxation for the students, who are sick or feeling unwell. However, parents are intimated immediately about the child’s discomfort, whilst first aid is given to comfort the child who is supervised until the parents' arrival.


Art and Craft may appear abstract but its one way expressing your inner self. To teach finer nuances and help children realize their artistic ambitions, the school has engaged two teachers and one room is exclusively dedicated for art and crafts activity.

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